Audio Journaling Where to Start and Why It’s Better

December 11, 2023

Is audio journaling for you?

Before I get into what it is and where to start, let’s cover who it’s for – because I don’t want you to waste your time reading a blog post that doesn’t apply to you.

Audio journaling is for you if you WANT to be the person who journals, but you just can’t keep up with the paper ones.

Audio journaling is for you if you want to track your fitness journey, your menstrual cycle, your fertility, your energy levels, or your moods.

Audio journaling is for you if you want to track your progress on a project.

Audio journaling is for you if you want to perfect your speaking voice or presentations skills.

And if you have speech impediments (like I have)?

Audio journaling could be a natural remedy to help you overcome, or come to love, a stutter or lisp.

I’ve experienced each of this use cases personally, and I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with you.

The Journaling Dilemma

Like you, I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of journaling.

I’ve seen people beautifully articulate their thoughts in written journals, describing how it transformed their lives.

Every January, I promise to myself that I’ll be consistent – only to be completely frustrated and disappointed with myself by the end of February (if not before then, to be honest).

Life happens.

Events get in the way, and my journaling efforts fell by the wayside.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

Building any new habit is hard.

But with traditional journaling, you’re actually building multiple micro-habits – which makes it even harder.

We buy the beautiful journals and planners, only to leave them gathering dust.

We set ambitious goals, for it too.

For a few days, or make a couple of weeks – we wake up early, or carve out precious time at night.

But soon enough, we find ourselves saying, “I just can’t.”

What Is Audio Journaling?

Essentially, audio journaling is similar to traditional journaling – only, it’s done with the power of audio, instead of countless stacks of paper that you need to keep buying.

Audio journaling is a personal recording practice where individuals express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences verbally, rather than writing them down.

It involves speaking into a recording device, typically a smartphone or a free app like Audacity with a Windows computer, to capture one’s reflections, insights, daily events, dreams, ideas… so many possibilities with it.

This approach allows for more spontaneous and emotional expression.

Since our emotions are heard and felt so easily through our voices, this often makes it easier to convey these said emotions than traditional written journaling.

Audio journals can be kept private or shared, and they offer a unique way to track personal growth and change over time.

Plus? If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own podcast or radio show?

Audio journaling is a way to build up the skills required to get started as a podcaster.

The Burden of Broken Promises

This pattern from traditional journaling leads to a vicious cycle of self-doubt and guilt.

We question our discipline, our trustworthiness, and our ability to commit.

And this carries over into other areas of our lives! We find ourselves questioning everything.

These thoughts can be especially daunting if you’re an entrepreneur, a parent, or someone striving for personal growth.

The fear of not living up to our own expectations completely hinders our progress.

Simple audio journaling setup with smartphone and earbuds both white on a desk

A New Perspective: The Power of Audio Journaling

Thankfully, there’s a different way to capture our thoughts, feelings, and aspirations.

A way that’s way more natural and effortless, but just as powerful (if not moreso).

Audio journaling.

The Emotional Connection

Audio journaling allows you to capture the raw emotion in your voice.

Unlike written journals, audio recordings convey your mood, your hesitations, and your enthusiasm in a way that words on paper can’t match.

Track Your Growth

As someone who has managed numerous podcasts, I’ve witnessed the incredible growth in confidence and clarity that comes from regular audio recording.

From the first episode to the fiftieth, you can hear the personal evolution of the speaker.

This same progression can be yours through audio journaling.

Developing Skills

Audio journaling isn’t just about self-reflection, either.

You’re building all kinds of skills throughout the planning, recording, editing, and publishing processes.

Even the act of recording yourself, then going back and reflecting on your own recordings, can help you improve with:

These are highly valuable skills.

Though most of the people who stumble across this page will be content creators and business owners, even if you have a traditional 9-5, there are so many ways you can use this skill.

When I was a teacher in a traditional classroom, I helped my students create podcasts to hear themselves improve in their reading and speaking.

Personally, I’ve used audio and singing more specifically, as speech therapy.

I know all of the traditional marketing advice out there tells us that there’s no “one thing” for everyone.

But I truly do believe in my heart of hearts that everyone can benefit from audio journaling.

Breaking Down Barriers

One of the biggest advantages of audio journaling is its flexibility.

You don’t need a special setup – just your phone or a mic plugged into a computer.

There’s no pressure to write neatly, organize thoughts coherently, or even use complete sentences.

Speak freely, without pressure or fear of judgment.

Your Personal Podcast

This isn’t about building an audience or perfecting content; it’s about being authentic with yourself.

It’s your space to voice your dreams, your frustrations, and your triumphs.

To help you see who you truly are at your core – and to help you figure out what you really want.

No Pressure, Just Progress

Forget the pressure of daily entries or perfect consistency.

Start small.

Maybe it’s a weekly recording, or even spontaneous sessions when you feel the urge.

Flexibility is key to making audio journaling a sustainable practice.

The Benefits are Endless

Ready to Start Your Audio Journaling Journey?

I understand the hesitation to actually do it.

You might feel like you need to read more blog posts first, or that you need to watch hours of YouTube videos to be ready to start something like this.

You don’t, though.

Remember – this doesn’t have to be public, so there’s nobody to impress.

Can it be cringey to hear your own voice? Sure.

But what better way is there to practice self love, then to fall in love with the sound of your own voice?

Something that’s so unique to you.

Maybe you’re thinking, “No, it’s me. I never finish what I start; how will this be any different?”

I get it.

How can this new method stick when others haven’t?

But here’s the thing: audio journaling is different.

It’s personal, it’s easy, and it’s incredibly effective.

That’s why I’ve created a mini course to guide you through the process of starting your audio journaling journey.

Hi, by the way! If you’re new to my blog or website, I’m Brittany Roberts, owner of a podcast management agency.

I’ve used my 15+ years of experience with audio, combined with my podcasting expertise and my enthusiasm for journaling, to craft an easy, DOABLE course that will have you audio journaling by next week.

What’s in the Course?

Your Journey Awaits

Your journey to self-discovery and growth through audio journaling is just a click away. No commitments, no pressure – just an opportunity to transform your thoughts and dreams into a reality.

Ready to Start?

If you’re ready to explore the transformative power of audio journaling, my mini course is the perfect starting point. It’s designed for individuals from all walks of life – whether you’re a business owner, a creative soul, or someone looking to find clarity in their thoughts.


Audio journaling is not just about recording thoughts; it’s about discovering your voice, embracing your journey, and growing in confidence and clarity.

Have a question about audio journaling?

Explore the rest of my website here, or ask away in the comments!

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